Current Customers

We are not a stamping house but we do offer stamping services to our tool and die customers.  We are able to assist them with capacity or overflow issues.


A new Minster 300-ton press line joins Die Makers’ existing press room equipment.  Our press room includes several Minster and other press lines for stamping materials.  We can stamp materials such as structural steel, low carbon, high carbon, hot rolled steel (HRS), cold rolled steel (CRS), HSLA Material, 300 & 400 series stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Our stamping capacities range from 60 to 400 tons and up to 48″ x 96″ beds.  Our presses can accommodate material thickness of .006″ to .500″.  We also have a break press to form any parts that you may also needed laser cut.  

Our Presses: 

  • Brown Boggs 400 ton press line 48” x 96” bed 12” stroke, 10 in of adjustment, 24”Dallas Industries Cradle, Straightener & Feeder, + CWP Coil Reel, .020 – .375” capacity
  • Minster 300 ton line, 42” x 72” bed size, 10” stroke, 24” shut height, 0-90 strokes per minute, 24” CWP Feeder, Straightener, and Coil Reel, .005 – .250” Capacity
  • Minster 360 ton press, 64” x 73” bed size, 20” stroke and air cushion, refurbished in 1998
  • USI Clearing 110 ton press line 39” x 30” bed 8” stroke, 12” shut height, 12” CWP Feeder, Straightener, and Coil Reel. .005 – .188 Capacity.
  • Minster 60 ton press line 21” x 32” bed, 3” stroke, 20-100 strokes per min, 6” CWP Feeder, Straightener and Coil Reel, .005 – .156” Capacity
  • Cincinnati Model 75 OBS 75 ton hydraulic punch press with cushion and hydraulic knock out
  • Accu Press 6′ 30 Ton Hydraulic Press Break

Metal Stamping Case Studies

Die Makers Manufacturing has successfully used its metal stamping capabilities for a number of customers. For a fabric structures manufacturer, we designed and produced a die to crop, form and pierce steel structural brackets with zero hole distortion.  This solved the customer’s hole quality issues. The Minster 300-ton stamping press was also used to utilize low-cost 4140 tooling to help a window and door producer generate widely varied sizes of door panels, while addressing cosmetic requirements.  We have also assisted many customers in improving countless other projects